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About the Author

Mr. Ronald Bibace

The author was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1934 of French speaking parents. He grew up speaking English, French, Italian and Arabic, a common experience in the society in which he lived. He left Egypt in 1952 and went to Canada where he earned a degree in Business Administration called a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in 1956 and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in 1962. He also qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1958, (the Canadian equivalent of a Certified Pubic Accountant). He came to the US in 1970.

He has had a successful career as an entrepreneur in several fields including real estate, landscaping and medical supplies. He has authored the Continuation of the Federalist Papers (available as a free download on the internet) and Relationship Power, a book on human relations.

It is the application of the general principles outlined in Relationship Power to the immense problems of bullying in schools that this book is all about.


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