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Bullying Cure is a book that addresses bullying with a unique program that cures the bully. That is an approach that is very different from current programs that appear to only temporarily reduce observable bullying behavior. The program, called BIFTAB (for Bibace Fast Track Bullying Cure), provides measurable results in weeks not years. That is what makes the program quick and inexpensive to implement and test.

 Curing the bully with the BIFTAB program involves the following:

  • Quickly and dramatically securing the attention of both bullies and victims.
  • Sensitizing the bully to his bullying behavior;
  • Identifying the underlying subconscious motivation for the bullying behavior, generally unknown to the bully and/or any others
  • Identifying and substituting the alternate socially approved behavior that will cause the bully to stop wanting to bully;


Everyone is aware of the devastating effect of bullying on children’s lives. In recent years the problem of bullying has been greatly increased by the development of cyber bullying. The increased adverse effect on children has resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of suicides and homicides by victims of bullying, an effect called ‘bullycide’. Bullying affects over ten million children in the US and some 200,000,000 worldwide.

Bullying prevention programs have been in effect in Norway since the seventies, and in the US and elsewhere since the eighties. Nevertheless, all the evidence supports the general conclusion that these programs don’t work. They neither cure the bully nor materially improve the lives of their victims. {See: WhySchoolAntibullying Programs Don’t Work, Twenlow & Sacco, (2008)}.

Statistics on bullying and bullycide over the last 30 years indicate that bullying has been increasing dramatically in spite of these programs. Moreover, so have long term incarceration rates in the US and elsewhere. These rates are viewed as additional evidence of the long term failure of these programs.

Bullying Cure and the BIFTAB program provide a groundbreaking solution to the problem that calls for curing instead of simply temporarily preventing observable bullying. Implementing the principles and practices defined in the book should go a long way towards permanently resolving the problem. At the very least, implementing the solutions provided will contribute far more to resolving the problem than any others currently being tried.

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