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Relationship Power


• The Bibace 3 minute test

 Find out how much you really know about relationships:

 To do so, first make your own list of what you believe is important in the keeping good relationships.  (For those for whom the answers do not spring to mind, here is a list created by conventional ‘experts’ of things you should do and not do.

The Do’s: Be accepting, considerate, tolerant, respectful, kind, loving, forgiving, trustworthy and trusting, loyal,  fair, supportive, reliable, a good listener, empathic, non-judgmental, understanding, financially and otherwise responsible, and honestly communicative.

The Don’ts: Don’t blame, nag, criticize, complain, ignore or stonewall)

  Now proceed with the Bibace 3 minute test and discover from your own experience and for yourself the basic truth about all good relationships


  • Make one list of the 3 people who make you feel the best about yourself and
  • Another of the 3 people with whom you have the best relationships.
  • Compare the lists.
  • If they are identical or near identical the test will have shown them that the key to all good relationships is the ability to make another person feel good about himself. (95%-99% will qualify)


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