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• BIFTAB Program advantages to all

BIFTAB Program advantages to all:

· The BIFTAB (Bibace Fast Track Bullying Cure) program described in Bullying Cure, unites the victim, the bully and the parents of both, in resolving the problem, without placing blaming on anyone. Here are the advantages to each ‘stakeholder’:

1. Advantages to the bully: Empowers the bully to change; makes him understand he is a victim himself; reduces his guilt and enhances his self-esteem and desire to change; encourages change by indicating the ease and painlessness with which it can happen; encourages change by pointing out the long term dangers of not changing, (as opposed to merely frightening bullies by telling them what will happen to them long term without providing the solution to curing bullying)

2. Advantages to the victim: Empowers the victim to stop internalizing the bullying as an indication of the victim’s self worth; helps the victim understand the bully is himself a victim and needs help; increases the victim’s self esteem and ability to cope with the bully. These results should occur in a relatively short time.

3. Advantages to the bully’s parents: Allows them to accept the fact that their child may be a bully without having to take the blame for it or feel guilty; encourages them to help their child for the same reasons; provides the parents with the methods by which they can help their child; sensitizes them to the importance of avoiding the long term adverse consequences of their child not changing his ways.

4. Advantages to the victim’s parents: Sensitizes them to the potential dangers of ‘bullycide’ (which is suicide or homicide as the result of bullying); provides the parents with the methods needed to counter the bully’s words; helps the parents understand that the bully is also a victim and rarely fully controls his own actions.

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