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A Special Message for Parents of Children with Disabilities

Over ten million children suffer from bullying in the US. Worldwide that number is estimated at 200,000,000. Unfortunately, the mentally, physically and emotionally disabled children are among the most likely to be bullied. As a parent of a child with learning disabilities I am very familiar with the heartache of trying to help that child cope with the inevitable school bullying that existed even 35 years ago, and has become dramatically worse since then.

Shouldn’t School Administrators be doing everything they can to stop bullying? It is abundantly clear from the continuing substantial number of suicides and homicides arising frombullying, as well other conclusive evidence, that none of the current bullying prevention programs are effective. Therefore it is only logical that other programs should be tried.Shouldn’t that include trying programs that propose to cure, not merely prevent bullying, and that ‘sound promising and deemed to have merit’?

Bullying Cure (2012) by Ronald Bibace is the only book that explains in detail how to cure bullying as opposed to temporarily reducing it.Theprinciples in the book can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. The beneficial results can be observed in weeks as opposed to the years most programs require.


The Bibace Fast track Bullying Cure, (BIFTAB) outlined in Bullying Cure (2012), was presented to one of the largest School Boards in the US in May of 2012, for approval to be taught in the schools. Approval was denied, although the presentation was deemed: ‘interesting and with many of the ideas presented having merit, and included generally sound and logical principles that can be applied to life’.


The program was rejected because of the absence of hard evidence proving it works in an ‘educational setting’. But no matter how promising any plan may be that evidence can only be gathered by allowing testing in schools.

The School Board has adopted an unfortunate Catch 22 approach. No school evidence means no school testing allowed. No school testing allowed means no school evidence is obtainable.

Until that situation changes for all new programs that show promise, and in as many schools as possible, it seems certain that the suicides/homicides and bullying of the disabled will disproportionately continue. I therefore respectfully urge every parent of a disabled child to work with me towards the goal of having their child’s school test all programs that propose to cure bullies and that show promise, particularly when the cost and downside is virtually zero, as is the case here.