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Why this book?

A large number of bullying books and programs exist already, so why another? The answer is that none of the current bullying programs is working satisfactorily. That is because it is impossible to either effectively prevent bullying long term or cure it until one knows what causes it, and nobody seems to know what causes it. Perhaps that is not surprising, since the mind is viewed by some as the true ‘last frontier’. Man has explored the depths of the ocean and climbed the highest mountains. Man has walked on the moon and is exploring outer space, but the mystery of how the mind works remains largely unresolved.

Section I

Bullying is defined as involving repeated, aggressive, unwanted negative actions of one person towards another of weaker power or strength. Bullying is very widespread and exists in virtually all schools in the United States and world wide. Bullying is extremely harmful to very large numbers of students both in the short and long term. Bullying may even lead to victims committing suicide and/or homicide, referred to as ‘bullycide’.

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